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Paul B. Perrin, PhD

Dr. Perrin believes that disparities in the context of disability and health are one of the most shocking and inhumane forms of oppression and that the academic and medical communities have a central role to play in their alleviation. A combination of data science, modern analytic techniques, and community-based participatory research approaches are key tools for identifying the sources of—and potential solutions to—these disparities. With this aim, his research area of “social justice in disability and health” encompasses three facets: (a) cultural, familial, and international approaches to disability rehabilitation and adjustment, particularly in medically underserved minority and Veteran populations with neurological conditions; (b) social determinants of health (e.g., stigma, access to integrated care and telehealth, personal and collective strengths); and (c) social justice approaches to understand and dismantle oppression. Dr. Perrin is a psychologist by training and serves as Co-Director of the Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Program at the Central Virginia Veterans Affairs Health Care System. He is a Professor of Data Science and Psychology at the University of Virginia and is an incoming editor of the journal Rehabilitation Psychology.

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