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Administrators, Principal Investigators, Research and Development Committee, and Institutional Review Board

Meeting Table

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has primary oversight responsibility for Richmond Institute for Veterans Research. The Board meets on a quarterly basis to review the corporation's financial reports.

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Administrative Team

Our administrative team administers grants and contracts outside of the Veteran Affairs domain and provides a flexible monetary apparatus that allows investigators to spend monies they have accrued to further their research and educational endeavors.

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Principal Investigators (Researchers)

Our principal investigators focus their efforts on carrying out studies to develop and verify knowledge relating to the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. 

Meeting Table

Research and Development Committee

The R&DC assists the Medical Center Director on professional and administrative procedures involving the R&D Program. ALL research projects must be reviewed/approved by the R&DC and the ACOS/Research before a project can be initiated at the site.

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Institutional Review Board

Any activity that meets the definition of “human subject research” is submitted to our Institutional Review Board (IRB) for approval or exemption. They examine proposed scientific methods to ensure our research studies are of the highest quality.

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