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Richmond Institute for Veterans Research

(Formerly known as McGuire Research Institute, Inc.)

We invite you to learn about how we are exploring the possibilities through cutting-edge research, bringing quality care to our Veterans, and building a better future.

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We are committed to providing quality health care to Veterans and offer opportunities for patients to participate in research-related clinical trials.

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The cutting-edge research conducted at RIVR consists of laboratory studies, clinical studies, and health outcomes pertaining to a wide range of disease processes and conditions that affect Veterans as well as the general population. 

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At RIVR we support education and training for employee and patient related activities.

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March: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

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Welcome our newest member to the RIVR Admin Team! ~ James Small, Financial Specialist~


"Effects of Electrical Stimulation and Vitamin D Supplementation of Bone

 I really enjoyed participating in the program. I have benefited from the exercise and training a great deal I had muscle atrophy in my legs and torso area from my injury 27 years ago but I can feel more muscle mass in my calves,thighs, and buttocks, also me being a T1 C8 paraplegic,  my stomach muscles don't work making it bigger and since I started the study my stomach and waist size has gotten smaller I lost 3 and a 1/2 pounds I feel that overall I'm healthier at the present  than at the start of the study. I hope that my participation in the study will help someone else as well. "

"Participating in the research last conducted I hope helped the team learn and find avenues to help people who need blood thinners. I hope my being a part helped to find a better solution."
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