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James M. Bjork, PhD

The goals and objectives of Dr. Bjork's current studies are as follows:

  • To advance understanding of individual differences in cognitive abilities and challenges in Veterans entering treatment for substance use disorder (SUD), and how these differences affect success of residential and outpatient SUD treatment at the VA. The study also collects mental performance information from Veterans several weeks after treatment onset, to see if the psychoeducation of treatment and simply stopping drug use improves certain kinds of mental abilities.  This information can help health care providers and systems change and improve treatment programs to better help Veterans with cognitive problems.

  • To advance understanding of how Veterans who have vs have not been deployed or have vs have not suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) make decisions and pay attention to things in their environment.  This study asks Veterans to undergo a comprehensive psychiatric history interview, then to perform several decision-making tasks about risks and rewards, with their eye-movements being recorded by a special camera.  This information can help researchers understand potential mechanisms for why some Veterans with TBI make poor health and other decisions, where this information could be used to tailor interventions for Veterans with TBI.

  • To advance understanding of how living with chronic musculoskeletal pain may or may not change decision-making or attentional bias in Veterans, as well as developing a greater understanding of other needs and issues Veterans with chronic pain may have.  This information could be used to better offer additional services to Veterans suffering from chronic pain.


Visit ResearchGate to learn more about Dr. Bjork's research.

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